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This is where the magic began. Simply decorate your space however you like and map the lights with the Twinkly app. Voila!


Purchase our Twinkly light set, Trees, Icicles, Wreaths and Greenery, Light Sculptures and Display Accessories right here!

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Watch these easy to follow instructional videos to get the most out of your Twinkly lights. Click and see what you discover!

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Christmas Lights. Reinvented!

Twinkly is the technological evolution of the traditional Christmas light chains and a real innovation for the lighting industry overall. Similarity, It’s a new generation LED string controllable via smartphone thanks to the integrated of Wi-Fi that can display an infinite number of effects. An intuitive app connects to the controller and lets anyone manage the animations directly from the personal device in a matter of seconds. Under the skin of the app there’s a lot of advanced technology integrated into the app and physical lights on the tree enhancing the products and bring new ones to life!
Twinkly Lights Instructions
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